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This document provides information about Site Summary, Statistics & Logs. Topics include checking disk space and bandwidth, accessing system logs, viewing account information, and getting information about visitors through Webalizer or AWstats.

Checking Disk Space and Bandwidth

From the main User menu, you already have an overview from your Account, Usage, logs and statistics.
It looks like this:

WeKNow DirectAdmin

To check disk space and bandwidth usage, navigate to System Info & Files → select the “Site Summary/Statistics/Log” link. You´ll see 3 tabs; Domain Statistics, Usage Statistics & Account Configuration.
Click on the tab “Usage Statistics” to view disk space and bandwidth usage.

WeKNow DirectAdmin

If you want to view the stats of a (specific) domain, just click on the domain name you want to consult.

WeKNow DirectAdmin

Accessing Apache Logs

Apache usage and error logs can be viewed directly by clicking on the “+” icon, next to the Domain name.

WeKNow DirectAdmin

Need more help?

Please contact your hosting company for more assistance, or visit the DirectAdmin support forum at

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