Setting up Cron Jobs

Cron jobs are tasks that will run at fixed time intervals. From the main User Menu, Advances Feautures → select the “Cronjobs” link.
You will see a page that looks like this:

WeKNow DirectAdmin

With the button “Create Cron Job” you can create a cron job and decide when it will run.
1. Select minute, hour, day of month, month, day of week. Notice that the * sign means every minute, hour etc.
2. Choose the cron job Command. This is usually a path to a file/script that will be executed.
3. You can also configure an email address to receive details when the cron jobs runs. Just configure the email or username in the “Send all cron output to E-mail” link at the bottom of the Cronjobs page. Leave this field blank if you don’t want to receive such emails.

Example of cron commands and the directory of the cron script located:

/usr/bin/wget --output-document=/dev/null > /dev/null 2>&1

/usr/local/bin/php /home/'username'/domains/''/public_html/script.php

Configure the time of the cronjob should run and then click ‘Create’, Done.

Need more help?

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