IP Manager

From the main Administrator menu, navigate to Server Manager → select the “IP Management” link. You will see a page that looks like this:

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The IP manager allows you add IP addresses to the control panel and allocate them to your Resellers.

Server IPs

This is the main server IP address ( in the above table). The status is “server” because the IP address is owned by the server only. The table tells us that 3 Users have sites on the server IP.

Owned IPs

An owned IP is an IP address allocated to one User only. For example, a Reseller can own an IPs, which is the IP address of his main website (remember that Resellers are also Users). You can think of owned IP addresses as dedicated or static IP addresses.

Technically, the Admin “owns” all the IP addresses in the table (except for server IPs). That is, the Admin controls how they are used.

Shared IPs

A shared IP is an IP address that more than one User can be assigned to. For example, a Reseller is using for name-based hosting. That is, he could create unlimited websites that resolve to that IP address.
note:If you decide to use a shared IP, which is in most cases usual, all possible negative effects will affect all users with the same IP. For example, when one user is sending Spam, the shared IP may blocked. As result all users email will be go into spamboxes or worser, even denied.

Free IPs

A free IP is an IP address not in use by any User. The Reseller can make it owned by a single User (to give that site its own dedicated IP address) or the Reseller can make it shared (and host many sites from that IP address).

Name Servers

The nameserver column shows which IPs the Reseller’s name servers are using (this only applies if the Reseller’s account comes with its own name servers). IP addresses allocated to name servers still remain free for web site hosting. This means a name server and a web site with its own dedicated IP address can exist together (use the same IP address).

Changing IP Settings

Adding IP Addresses

You must tell the IP manager which IP addresses are allocated to your server. To add an IP address, type it in at the top of the screen and click the blue “Add IP” button. The IP address will then appear in the table with free status.

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The NetMask value is usually but you may change this as needed.

Assigning IP Addresses

To assign an IP address to a Reseller, place a checkmark next to the IP address(es) you want to assign and then select the Reseller name from the dropdown menu. Then, click “Assign to.”

Please note that you cannot assign an IP address that is currently owned by a different Reseller.

Removing IP Addresses from Resellers

To remove an IP address from a Reseller, place a checkmark next to the IP address(es) you want to remove and click the “Remove from reseller” button. Please note that you can only remove “free” IP addresses. That is, if the IP address is owned by the Reseller or one of his/her Users, the remove function will not work.

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