Getting Started

Thank you for choosing to use DirectAdmin Web Control Panel on your server. Although DirectAdmin may seem simple to your customers, as an Admin you will soon realize that DirectAdmin is very sophisticated because it goes far beyond what is seen in the control panel interface.

Understanding the Permission Classes

There are three (3) permission classes in DirectAdmin, which you can select through the Access Level, navigate to and click on “Admin” (dropdown menu) and choose the desired access level. When making changes, convince yourself that you are editing at the correct Access Level.

Users are known as end customers or site owners – they are people that need hosting. They use DirectAdmin to publish their website, create e-mail accounts, upload files to their website, add (sub)domains, etc. The User panel allows them to do this. As an Admin you have full access to all functionalities, incl. Reseller and User level.

Resellers are also Users. Resellers, however, have both a User panel to modify their own web site and a Reseller panel that allows them to create User accounts. This part is especially designed for those who want to (re)sell webhosting and/or have multiple domains to maintain.

Admins are Users and Resellers. Admins also have an Admin panel that allows them to create Resellers and manage the server..

Switching Between Your User, Reseller and Admin Panel

When you sign into DirectAdmin you will see your Admin panel dashboard. To switch to your User or Reseller panel, cnavigate to and click the “Access Level” then decide which control you´ll want into.

admin panel switching

Signing in as Your Customers

Admins have the ability to sign into the control panel as any User on the server. To do so navigate to Account Manager → Select Show All Users . From the list you choose the desired User and at the new opened window click on the green button “Login as …”. That´s it, you are now logged in as that specific User.

Setting Your E-Mail Address in the Control Panel

When you create a Reseller or User account, you can tell DirectAdmin to send an e-mail containing all account details to that customer. If you choose to use this feature, you should set the proper e-mail address in your control panel, as these automatically generated e-mails will use that address in the “From:” field (making it look like you sent the message personally). If you don´t want to send an automatic email then uncheck the send email field.

To change an e-mail address, sign into your control panel and switch to your User panel. To do so navigate to “System Info & Files” → “Site Summary/Statistics/Logs”; Click on edit account configuration and enter your e-mail address in the appropriate field, then click “Save.”

Use this website to Support Your Customers

Full documentation for the control panel is available to your customers on this website. This website is a generic help site that all hosts can use to support their customers. Or, if you prefer, you may copy the content and adapt it to make your own manuals (we allow all companies using DirectAdmin to borrow our documentation). Off course you are also free to translate this Guide. If you do, why don´t share it with us?

Make a Decision about the Built-in Ticket Support System

DirectAdmin features a full built-in ticket support system that allows customers to contact you directly through the control panel. If you prefer to offer support in a different way, which will be mostly so, you should disable the built-in support system before creating customer accounts. To disable the Ticket System navigate to Reseller Access → Support & Help → Manage Tickets and click on the “• Ticket System Settings” link. Uncheck Ticket System Enabled.

admin panel switching

Remember, to fully understand the capabilities of DirectAdmin Web Control Panel you need to read all documentation, also the articles which are included under Reseller and User level of this Guide. And last; by using DirectAdmin in practice, you will learn it easily.

Read the Admin Tech Notes

The Administrator Technical Notes are available here. These notes discuss the functioning and configuration of DirectAdmin.

Important: If you bought a VPS or Dedicated Server and have root access, you are also responsible for the security of the system. Visit our Knowledgebase to secure your Linux DirectAdmin Server.

Need more help?

Please contact your hosting company for more assistance, or visit the DirectAdmin support forum at