DirectAdmin CustomBuild 2.0 Plugin

When you use DirectAdmin as a Web Control Panel? Then the CustomBuild 2.0 plugin is definitely something for you! This plugin saves you a lot of hassle. You no longer have to dive into the code through SSH connection to build or update applications. This way you keep your DirectAdmin Server up-to-date and you can easily switch.

The CustomBuild 2.0 plugin is a handy tool and totally not difficult to install yourself! With the step-by-step plan below you can simply install the plug-in.

Install plugin: Custombuild 2.0

From the Access level Admin, Extra Features→ select the “Plugin Manager” link. A new screen opens and here you have an overview of your plugins. Click on the “Add” button to install the new plugin.

Enter the following link url:
Then type in the password of your DirectAdmin Web Control Panel and click on Install. Once the Custombuild 2.0 plugin has been successfully installed, go back to the DirectAdmin Main Screen. Here you can see a new option under “Extra Features”; “CustomBuild 2.0”.

Click on the “CustomBuild 2.0” link and see what the functions are. From now you can update software and adjust options from inside DirectAdmin Web Control Panel. For exmaple, click on “update software”, to view all the updates that are available at that moment.
With “Edit Options” you can easily set/switch the settings in options.conf file.


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