Creating Resellers

From the main Administrator menu, navigate to Account Manager → select the “Create Reseller” link. Remember, that you can only create a reseller when you have created a Reseller Package!

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This is the Unix username of the Reseller. It must be 4-8 letters/numbers long and contain no illegal characters.


This is the e-mail address of the Reseller. It is the address where account notification will be sent, as well as being the default e-mail address in the Reseller’s control panel.


This is the control panel password for the Reseller. Please use a password with a combination of letters (both upper- and lower-case) and numbers. You can also choose for “Random” to automatically create a password by the Random Password Generator..


This is the domain name of the Reseller’s web site. Because a Reseller is also a User, he/she must have a website. Enter the domain name without the “http://” or “www.” At the User Level reseller can decide wether he/she wants the domain loading with or without secured SSL (https).


Select a pre-created package for the Reseller. See the help section on Reseller packages for more information. If you want to customize package features for this Reseller only, Navigate to Account Manager → “List Resellers” and click on the Reseller. To Customize click on the Blue “Actions” button and select “Modify”.

Domain IP

Select “Shared – Server” or “Assigned” from the dropdown menu. If you choose “Shared,” the Reseller’s web site will be name-based and have the same IP address as the server. If you select “Assigned,” the Reseller’s web site will have its own dedicated (static) IP address, assuming at least 1 IP address is set as a feature in the Reseller Package.

Send Mail Notification

Check this box to automatically send the customer their account details by e-mail. You can click the “Edit User Message” link to customize the e-mail content.


To change the “From:” address of these welcome messages, at the User level, navigate to System Info & Files → “Site Summary/Statistics/Logs. Then, enter the “Edit Account Configuration” button.

WeKNow DirectAdmin

After making changes, click the “Save.” button.

After you Click “Create”

After you create the Reseller account, you will be taken the the account confirmation screen.

At this point, you may exit the control panel or navigate somewhere else within the panel. You do not need to click the “Customize” box unless you want to leave a note on the Reseller’s account (only Admins can read the comments).

Need more help?

Please contact your hosting company for more assistance, or visit the DirectAdmin support forum at

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